Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about the MORE from LESS Project

1. For how long do I have to give up or do less of an activity?

You decide how long to give up the activity. It is suggested that participants do so at least until the last exhibition and discussion on September 5.



2. Do I have to give up something in order to attend an exhibition and participate in the discussion?

All people are encouraged to participate -- either through giving up something, or through attending an exhibition, or both! All are invited to attend an exhibition and participate in the discussion.



3. Are children allowed to participate?

Children are encouraged to participate, with the help of a parent or guardian.



4. How can I contribute an object and description if I cannot get to a drop-off location?

If you cannot get to a drop-off location, please send an email with your phone number and the organizer will call to make arrangements.



5. Will you return the object that I contribute to the exhibition?

When you drop off an object, you indicate whether you want the object back, or if you are donating the object.



6. Why are you doing this project here?

My practice is about helping the community, and this is the community that I am in this summer. I hope that participants find the project helpful.



7. How do I decide what to give up or do less of?

Consider the question, What could I do less of that would help me or others? Come up with a list of ideas and then ask your loved ones to help you decide.



8. How much does it cost to participate? To attend an exhibition?

Participation and attendance are free of charge. You will not even be asked to donate money.



9. What's the gimmick? Is this a "religious thing?"

There is no gimmick. The project is not organized by or for any religious group. All people regardless of religious beliefs are invited to participate. People with religious beliefs may want to consider participation in the project in the context of their religious beliefs.



10. Is this art?

The intent of the project is to get participants and viewers to reflect on what might be gained by giving up something, or having less of something; and to share that reflection through the discussion that occurs at each exhibition. Some people may consider the project "art", while others may not. It is not the intent to focus attention on this issue, although such attention may be inevitable.




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