What are the "traditions of home?" At the annual cultural festival, Tucson Meet Yourself, local Buddhist practitioners responded with a 10' x 10' installation of objects that wake them up -- allowing them to be present in the moment not fixated on self.

Titled Home Is Where You Are Now, the installation suggests that a Buddhist interpretation of home is that home is the experience of being awake. So, in this view, home is a mental attitude, as opposed to being a physical place. And so one may be home at any time and in any place. Further, the installation does not represent any one home; rather, it literally is a collection of objects from the homes of many individuals. Symbolically, this may suggest that home is an experience shared by many individuals.

Thanks to the following individuals and organizations that helped make this installation possible: Aurore Chabot, Hazel Colditz, Tommy DeBolt, Linville Doan, The Invisible Theatre, Mike Keller, Kelsang Lingpur, Gail McDonald, blaze mason, Cody Robertson, Christine Sotow, and the Tucson Shambhala Meditation Group.

Installation: October 8 - 10, 2010, Tucson Meet Yourself, Tucson, Arizona.